We have been dealing with media workflows for decades and we kept having difficulties with one thing : all workflow engines are designed after the predicate that resources are always available. In IT environments, this may be true... but it is certainly not when talking about media manipulation infrastructure. Resource are rare and expensive !

This was our kick to start Carrick-Skills.

Having said that, here are the topics, either bargains or challenges that old and new video players will have to face :

Workflow evolution

The spreading of Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos and new consumption use (massive replay, mobiles,...) will require a deep overhaul of existing aggregation and distribution workflows.

Ressource optimization

Industrializing the manipulation of 4k and UHD videos is much more tricky than it looks. The necessary machine resources may seriously increase and their usage will need to be optimized.

Cloud option

For flexibility, lack of infrastructure or just because resource consumption may not be linear, allowing Cloud capabilities is now essential in any IT architecture. This indeed includes private or public cloud, but also hybrid and overflow options.

SaaS evolutions

SaaS solutions have gained many sectors of economy. Now its efficiency is proven, wide SaaS usage in the media segment is just a question of time.

Opensource software

What's the point of using expensive software licences when opensource tools are available and provide the same or better level of reliability ?

D'you think something is missing ? Wonder what are the options to face these challenges ?

In both cases, knock on our door, we'll be happy to discuss it.

Our values

Technology is only a mean. The latest ones may be usefull but simple and mature technologies may also fit better to certain needs. In both cases, providing a long lasting and easily maintainable solution meeting our customers' needs is essential to us.

Team spirit and result-driven work has always been a core value of the co-founders and you will feel it. We apply these values both in our everyday job and with our customers' relations. To us, the best sucess stories are projects driven with true team spirit from a to z.

Today's solutions reply to today's issues. As we can't guess future, they may not reply to tomorrow's issues. We therefore design all our architectures keeping in mind the possible evolutions so as to make things evolve in perfect fluidity.

Our customers may change strategy in close future. We therefore offer solutions for which going back or shifting target is a realistic option.

We are very much aware of the significant value of investments, particularly when a customers follows our advice. Thus, we always take great care of durability and robustness issues when giving our advices.