Un orchestrateur de workflow conçu pour le broadcast.
Entre la fin des opérations de postproduction et la mise à l'antenne, les fichiers médias d’une émission TV sont l'objet de nombreux traitements techniques : transcodages multiples pour les divers réseaux de diffusion, contrôle qualité, transferts vers les serveurs. Ces opérations sont de plus en plus automatisées grâce à des workflows. La jeune société Carrick-Skills propose une démarche innovante pour les gérer et les orchestrer de manière transversale et indépendante… Read more



The support provided by Réseau Entreprendre 92 helps startup leaders who, by their ambition, their entrepreneurial potential, their business skills and the market to which they are addressing, are likely to make their company reliable. The selected ones gain personalized support over the long term by experienced entrepreuneurs.

As part of the RIAM network call for projects (Research and Innovation in Audio-visual and Multimedia), the product released by Carrick-Skills has been labelled: “The proposed technological solution is interesting to facilitate media file logistics. (...) The business model is convincing and the positioning of the offer, very specialized on the media and entertainment industry, is interesting ”.

Following the RIAM approval, BpiFrance will provide funding to Carrick-Skills in order to carry out its research and development program leading to new innovative services allowing maximum optimization of the resources available in customers' audiovisual processing chain.